German Food

July 7-9 will be our last German Food Weekend for the summer they will Continue in October.

German Weekend at the Oracle Inn. A rare flavor destination for Tucsonians!

German-Food-Oracle_InnAt the Oracle Inn Family Restaurant we take a lot of pride in our heritage, where we come from and how we got here.

German Weekend at The Oracle Inn Steak House, is a delicious event in which you can really taste the love and pride that goes into our special German Food.

We are serving full menu but recommend you try a bite of German food that will surprise you with it’s tender flavor. Family Recipes this old can’t be wrong!

German Food Entrees:

Wienerschnitzel (veal or pork)


Beer Bratwurst

Plus two other

Selections of the chefs choice.


German Beer:

Warsteiner Lite or Dark

Franziskaner Weissbier Draught

Paulaner Lite or Dark

St. Paulie

German Wines:

Schmitt Sohne Spatlese

Schmitt Sohne Pinot Gris

Schmitt Sohne QBA

Funf 5